California Restaurants — Corkage Online The First Online Directory Listing Restaurant Corkage Policies For Wine, Beer and Whiskey Launches In California; More Markets to Come!

Saving Precious Hours of Scrolling Through Reservation and Review Sites, Corkage Online Delivers Corkage Info In One Easy-To-Use Searchable Directory


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Corkage, as you know, is often a controversial issue but it is a fact of hospitality life. So, to make a consumers life less frustrating, was created. It is a new online directory where one can find the corkage policies at over 800 restaurants (and counting!) in California (for now.) To hear more about it, listen to my interview on Tom Leykis’ show, The Tasting Room

Restaurants can list for free and are searchable by name, geographic location or zip code and listing includes restaurant hours, website, phone number and photos.

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The next wave of restaurant directories has arrived with the launch of, an innovative directory for restaurant-goers to easily search for wine, beer and whiskey corkage policies all in one handy place. Restaurants are searchable by name, geographic location or zip code and includes restaurant hours, website, phone number and photos.

“I have spent countless hours hunting for a restaurant’s corkage fees and policies,” said Judi Laing, founder of Corkage Online. “Then a light bulb went off! What if you could just click one button to find where you can bring your bottle of wine, beer or whiskey? We think our fellow foodies and imbibers will appreciate this time-saving directory and we look forward to being a vital part of the hospitality industry.”

And, according to OpenTable’s 2017 Technology & Dining Out study, when it comes to what consumers want from tech before, during and after their dining experience, the very first finding was: “The pre-arrival stage is key: make it easy for guests to get what they want.” couldn’t make it easier to find a restaurant’s corkage fee with its ingenious directory. Restaurants in turn shine by having this pre-arrival information at the ready, while also shining a light on their stellar wine and beer lists.

“At long last, beer and moreover beer enthusiasts, are getting the respect that they deserve outside of the captivity of specialty bars. Corkage Online is a great reference for those of us that want to go places for the food and ambiance and enjoy the beverage of our choice,” said Tony Yanow, Artisanal Brewers Collective.

Corkage Online is an innovative directory that lists restaurant’s corkage policies including wine, beer and whiskey in one convenient place saving hours of scrolling through reservation and review sites. Restaurants are searchable by name or geographic location, and includes restaurant hours, website, photos and phone number. Its core audience begins in Southern California, Corkage Online also lists restaurants in Northern California and will continue to grow its database on a national level. Created by lifelong wine and spirits journalist Judi Laing, blogger of “a woman walks into a bar…”, who wants to make life easy for her fellow drinking humans.

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