Biel/Bienne, 22. October 2015. The new, awesome timepiece for mountain lovers and travellers: Two Swiss industrial designers have launched a watch branded ‚UNE’ with an ultra thin layer of genuine rock from the most amazing places on earth. The watchface of the first edition of UNE timepieces is made from rock of the world famous Jungfraujoch TOP OF EUROPE, this magical place in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The Jungfrau Railways and operator of the Jungfraujoch TOP OF EUROPE are the official cooperation and sales partner of UNE’s Jungfraujoch Edition.
All UNE dials are produced individually by hand in Switzerland from broken-off blocks of rock with no harm to the environment. Every single watchface is different in color and structure. Every watch is unique, individually numbered – and this at an affordable price. The rotating bezel of the watch and its outer dials display the longitude and latitude coordinate system indicating the position of the Jungfraujoch.
UNE has mastered a special technique to produce ultra thin layers of rock for their dials. Every type of mineral needs to be cut at its own thickness in order to reveal its beauty. A few hundredths of a millimeter can make all difference. Finding these right parameters is an art that UNE has developed in their own manufacturing facility in Switzerland.
Industrial designers Frédéric Bürgi and Marc Frehner have founded Montres UNE Ltd. a year ago. After a series of initial market tests they now launched their first serial product. UNE timepieces are available for CHF 486.- at the TOP OF EUROPE shops on the Jungfraujoch and Kleine Scheidegg, in Wengen and online at where information about new points of sales, products to come and the company can be found.

For more information
Marc Frehner, phone: +41 79 320 86 11
Frédéric Bürgi, phone: +41 78 605 12 79
Frédéric Bürgi and Marc Frehner are the two creative minds behind UNE. The two Swiss industrial designers are nature-lovers with long individual track records as creative professionals, product developers, start-up entrepreneurs, plane builders and vehicle producers.
For the unique venture of UNE they have decided to combine their experience and networks. They have built up UNE’s technology, craft, design and story from scratch.

Montres UNE Sàrl
Case Postale 0815
Promenade de la Suze 14D
2501 Biel/Bienne – Switzerland