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PRESS RELEASE: Birmingham – 1st July 2015. Vintage&Co, kick-start their campaign on the 4th of July as a brand new luxury fashion house with an ethical cause. Founder Kelvin Mvundura, started the brand in 2014, a challenging alternative to high priced luxury fashion which also has an ethical cause by donating 10% of all proceeds to charitable causes in Asia, Africa & many parts of the world. Vintage&Co is a new company disrupting the UK, paving the way for conscious consumerism while still looking fashionable. – See more at:

In an age of high priced luxury fashion brands and exploitation of workers who make them, arises a new player. Aiming to disrupt the market Vintage&Co combines conscious ethical business and maintaining luxury value for a brand which is young, vibrant and set on challenging the business model.

Company Objective

Founded by Kelvin Mvundura in 2014 what started out as a mere idea quickly turned into a business venture. The main motive for the Kickstarter campaign is utilise crowd-funding to develop investment. Vintage&Co has a massive opportunity to market the brand on a wider scale and will be launching various brand activations and experiential events to increase awareness of the brand, its charitable causes where potential investors can fund campaigns. The campaign is aiming to raise a minimum of £5,000 to a maximum of £50,000. There is a fantastic line up of upcoming events for people interested in the brand. Vintage&Co is unlike any other fashionable luxury clothing brand, since its inception the brand has been able to portray conscious consumerism. It wants consumers to increase awareness of the labour and struggle that is put into developing products. Vintage&Co hopes to tackle poverty by partnering with charities that aide in projects ranging from school building, shelter, orphanages, disaster response, agriculture, health clinics, fresh water pipelines and alleviating exploitation of workers that manufacture in developing countries.

The uniqueness of Vintage & Co

Kelvin Mvundura states “The good thing about our company is that we have analysed other fashion companies & I have to say they are boring, there seems to be a lack of creativity within the industry. We as a brand have already made some steps to disrupt brands by our creativity & sense of touch. We are also making sure that anyone can buy from our brand so we have established three collections to target & reach people in a range of financial & social circumstances. The three collections will ensure that anyone can now wear a designer brand that’s not only affordable but also having a positive impact towards the community. The three brands that Vintage&Co will operate under are ‘Vintage&Co’ , ‘Vintage&Co London’ & ‘Vintage&Co Jeans”.

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Notes: Target is to become an international brand for the 16-35 demographic. The intention is to enlighten people and ‘open their eyes’ to conscious brands and emotional attachment. Furthermore, Vintage&Co want customers to be proud of wearing its garments and feel like a confident individual.


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