Published 11-27-1013

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Tatanka or Szarlotka from The Piano Rogue in Krakow

After a day of touring around Krakow, Poland, with history, delicious food, and tired bodies, a few of us just wanted to relax before returning to our hotel. Our guide had been nice enough to search the square to find the perfect spot, The Piano Rouge. What a treat to walk into this supper club where time had stopped and hear a father and daughter team singing “Unforgettable.” In its relaxing environment, I enjoyed a well-known traditional Polish cocktail, both refreshing and tasty, called Tatanka or Szarlotka. It translates to apple pie.

Tatanka or Szarlotka Cocktail (Apple Pie)


1 ounce (28 ml) ?ubrówka Vodka (in English, it would be called Bison Grass Vodka) 2 or 3 ounces (58 ml or 86 ml) apple juice
Dash or two of lemon juice

Mix all ingredients and pour over ice cubes. Garnish with apple slices.