Talking Points for Maralyn D. Hill

Did you always want to be a writer?

If not, when did the desire hit you?

Is there one type of writing that has more appeal than another?

Between travel and food, what inspired you in those categories?

How did spas get tossed into the mix?

You focus a great deal on Luxury writing. How did that come about?

How do you define luxury?

How do you become a food judge?

Is it a tremendous challenge?

When you have several entries close to the same quality, what are the distinguishing factors?

Do you ever stay in 3-star hotels or is it always 5-star?

Is there one distinguishing aspect that makes a difference in a hotel or restaurant, what is it?

Do great chefs have a common dominator?

When you do not enjoy the food or hotel, how do you write about it?

What about wine tasting, what do you look for?

How does one go about being a travel or food writer?

Is the pay good?

Do you enjoy doing radio and TV interviews?

Do you have any parting words?