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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Eighth Annual Oregon Truffle Festival to Examine
Genetics and Cultivation of Fungal Delights Through Grower’s Forum

The Truffle Growers’ Forum and Truffle Dog Training Seminar take place
Jan. 25-26 at the Hilton Eugene & Conference Center


EUGENE, Ore. — Today, officials for the eighth annual Oregon Truffle Festival announced that the event’s annual Truffle Grower’s Forum will center on the launch of Edible Ectomycorrhizal Mushrooms: Current Knowledge and Future Prospects, a new book authored by truffle experts, Dr. Alessandra Zambonelli and Dr. Greg Bonito. This year’s Grower’s Forum consists of a lecture series dedicated to the truffle cultivation industry. The Oregon Truffle Festival takes place Jan. 25-27, 2013 in Eugene.
Dr. Zambonelli, a professor of mycology at the University of Bologna and the President of the Italian Mycological Association, will speak on the status of truffle cultivation in Italy and recent advances in our understanding of truffles. She is among Europe’s foremost experts in the science of truffles. Dr. Bonito, a Postdoctoral Fellow at Duke University, will present on truffle genetics and the science of truffle cultivation. He has a background in molecular taxonomy of truffle species from around the world and contributed to numerous groundbreaking publications on native and introduced truffle species in North America.
Their book, which will make its debut at the festival, examines the soil, ecology, genetics and cultivation of truffles – an essential reference for truffle farmers, enthusiasts and foodies. Additional event presenters include Dr. Ian Hall and Dr. Charles Lefevre. For more information on event speakers and presenters, visit the Oregon Truffle Festival website.
Saturday’s events are in the field, touring a research truffiere designed to produce five European truffle species and three Oregon truffle species, as well as a truffle hunt with truffle dogs for the native Oregon white truffles. Breakfast and a festive winemaker’s luncheon with a guest chef are included on Saturday.
“The annual Grower’s Forum is a tremendously popular and celebrated event each year,” said Dr. Charles Lefevre, mycologist and co-founder of the Oregon Truffle Festival. “It’s an exciting way for us to continue teaching and learning about this culinary delight we have right in our own backyard. The Oregon truffle industry continues to deliver some of the world’s best truffles, growing national and international recognition.”
Truffles, a hidden food delicacy, are traditionally harvested by trained pigs and dogs. The Festival’s educational seminars also include the two-day Truffle Dog Training Seminar, in which attendees introduce their dogs to the aroma of truffles on the first day and give dogs the authentic experience of hunting Oregon’s native truffles in the wild on the second. As this industry flourishes, the Oregon Truffle Festival’s educational seminars fill an essential need for American truffle growers. The festival’s three expert trainers provide an unparalleled training opportunity found nowhere else in North America.
Registration is now open for Oregon Truffle Festival weekend experiences and the Grand Truffle Dinner. Six weekend and several stand-alone options are available, including cooking classes, winery luncheons, truffle forays, farm tours and multi-course truffle dinners, in addition to the educational seminars. All options may be purchased online at

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