Press Release

With this e-mail the selection process of the talents for the 18th annual Smrikva Bowl 2013 starts18th Smrikva Bowl 2013 will be held in Pula-Istria, Croatia, from 24th till 29th of June 2013. Smrikva Bowl, as some of you may know, is the tournament which boasts the top 10 years old players world-wide… not an under 10, but a “s”-uper 10…;)

There is a detailed presentation about 18th Smrikva Bowl 2013 with the application form and other relevant information related with this year edition that is  posted on the main page of the Smrikva Bowl website
17th Smrikva Bowl 2012 gathered top players from 33 countries and since the tournament foundation in 1996 over 1250 top players from 57 countries and all the continents have played the event… it was the first time this year that over 40% of participants accepted were ranked #1 in their countries… historically Smrikva gathered around 30% of participants being formally ranked #1.
In 2009 the cultural tourism guide “Istria from Smrikve” was published and this is my gift to the Smrikva Bowl Ambassadors and Smrikve friends with wish that a part of helping us in scouting talents around the World our little Ambassadors will also help us in spreading the word about Istria as cultural tourism destination worth visiting.
The same year, as part of the subscription fee, the Smrikva Bowl participants started to bring a book about the culture of the place they are coming from thus we started to create the Smrikva Bowl Library… this year we physically created the library that also become a classroom for the members of our tennis school “La Bottega” di Smrikve… our tennis school… the donated book till today form a library of over 380 books from 46 countries…
Smrikva Bowl mission is to develop and spread Cosmopolitan values. Children, sport, culture and music are part of the Cosmopolitan World. Last year the Cosmopolite website has been created and it is another gift to the friends of Smrikve and our Ambassadors. Cosmopolite is a website dedicated to a book describing the importance of civilisation for the talents development.
Today is 21st of September… and few years ago this date was selected to be dedicated to the Smrikva Bowl Ambassadors… thus became the Smrikva Bowl Ambassadors Day… it is a good day to start the research of the talents for the 2013 edition…
Many of you are our Smrikve Ambassadors and I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the number of the accepted players will be close to our traditional number of 100 players and your help will be as usual very precious…
If you know a good tennis player born in 2003 that deserves to play Smrikva Bowl please let me know. If you would like to help in any way Smrikva Bowl you are welcome, and thank you in advance for spreading the word about Smrikve and Smrikva Bowl in your community.
… and just one mor thing for the end… SMRIKVE LOUNGE… you will hear the story of it in the following months…
Miodrag Bozovic
P.S. 1
On Linked In – professionals networking website – Discover Istria from Smrikve group has been created where periodically the contents from the cultural tourism guide on Istria are published and if you wish to receive those articles I am pleased to invite you to join the group.
If you have problems with the above link and would like to join please send me an e-mail and I will send you the invitation.
P.S. 2
Today we live in the internet era and creating a quality network is an opportunity for everyone… If you write personal pages, blog, have your own website or community,… and have some elements in common with the Smrikve story you can evaluate to share it with your readers …
In end THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT… I am please to let you know that little by little our website visits YTD have passed 160.000!