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The Epoch Times – BFF Getaways: Let’s Go Spa, Girls! online July 7 NY Edition 6-7-11 6-9-11 Francisco 6-9-11 Washington DC 6-9-11 Mobile Apt Epoch BFF Getaways: Let’s Go Spa, Girls! By Michelle M. Winner & Maralyn D. Hill Created: Jun 7, 2011 Last Updated: Jun 7, 2011 | | Related articles: Life > Travel ROOM TO VIEW: The beach is only steps away at Avila Lighthouse Suites. (Courtesy of MDHILL) As soon as we hear the first “Marco Polo” ringing out from the pool area, we are in a “get-us-out-of-here” mode. One of us dials for travel reservations for some much needed respite before the onslaught of summer. Before we have to deal with home lunches, screaming, messes, and chauffeuring, we need some “me time” with our girlfriends. Here are some unusual value options on the West Coast that offer beautiful locales and signature treatments that won’t break the summer vacation bank either. Bonneville Hot Springs, Bonneville, Washington Only a few minutes from the Portland Airport, you can cross the wide and mighty Columbia and head along the river to Bonneville. Known for its huge electricity producing dam, there is also a lesser-known wellness spa that is centered on the volcanic heated waters rising up from the ground. A well-priced, full-service spa is the crowning glory of Bonneville Hot Springs, situated among the trees and natural beauty of the Columbia Gorge. Hot springs...

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Cruise Ship Trends Thinking About Shipboard Dining

CLIA Member Lines Create Innovative Culinary Experiences with Celebrity Chefs, Exciting Brand Partnerships, Healthy and Sustainable Menus, Gastronomic Enrichment Programs, Greater Choice of Dining Venues and MoreFORT LAUDERDALE (December 21, 2011) — Cruise lines are redefining shipboard dining, shattering myths along the way, and the 16 million vacationers who are expected to have cruised in 2011 would not have it any other way. Research by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) suggests that the latest trends in shipboard restaurants and menus, the expanding choice in dining venues, exciting brand partnerships, healthy options, food-related enrichment programs and culinary themed voyages are exactly what the public craves. CLIA’s latest study of consumer attitudes and intentions revealed that over half of experienced cruisers ranked fine dining as the number one benefit of a cruise vacation. In a 2011 survey of 1,000 CLIA travel agents, dining was ranked as the second most important factor in choosing a cruise line, behind accommodations; 75 percent of agents said dining is gaining in importance among their clients. Among consumers, 75 percent are looking for new and different dining experiences onboard ships but 65 percent also want traditional dining. And, only 10 percent of cruisers worry that they will gain weight on their vacation. In short, cruise ship dining can be credited in large measure in explaining why 94 percent of all cruisers are satisfied with their vacation,...

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