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The Epoch Times – Chef Interview: Deborah Scarborough and Black Cat Bistro

This first appeared online on July 17. Michelle M. Winner and I wrote it together as we discovered Deborah together. It appeared in the print editions as shown below: New York City Edition San Francisco Edition Washington DC – July 20 Singapore Chef Interview: Deborah Scarborough and Black Cat Bistro By Maralyn D. Hill & Michelle M. Winner Epoch Times Staff Created: Jul 15, 2011 Last Updated: Jul 15, 2011 | | Related articles: Life > Food   ELEGANT: Black Cat Bistro Meyer Lemon and Chevre Cheesecake. (Maralyn D. Hill) It’s always exciting to meet a new chef full of passion, inspiration, and success. Deborah Scarborough is the owner and chef of The Black Cat in Cambria, Calif.Maralyn Hill: How did you get started? Deborah Scarborough: Like many other chefs, I started cooking with my grandmother, mother, and father. Each had different specialties, from country Southern, to great soups, and elite dinner parties. My mother cooks wonderfully and knows how to develop flavors. My father cooked wild game and freshly caught fish. It is because of him that I have no fear of cooking any kind of meat. Ms. Hill: As to using local ingredients, Deborah was absolute. Ms. Scarborough: I am on the board of Pallet to Palate, which promotes the farm-to-table experience in California’s Central Coast. Before Pallet to Palate, I found it...

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Maralyn D Hill and Brenda C Hill Presenting at Rancho LaPuerta the Week of July 14, 2012

Brenda and I are very happy to announce we are on the Events Calendar at Rancho LaPuerta the Week of July 14, 2012. Other special presenters that week are Roni Mahler and Linda Carroll, M.S. You can see all of our programs outlined below.The Ranch is always a wonderful retreat for relaxation, rejuvenation, reflection, and good company. Where else can you enjoy so much in such a healthy atmosphere. We hope we see some of our followers there. Presenters for the week of July 14, 2012 Ballet Week | Roni Mahler Love Cycles | Linda Carroll, M.S. Write, Market...

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Winemaker Larry Books is Interviewed by Maralyn D. Hill and Michelle M. Winner

Winemaker Larry Brooks of Tolosa Winery in San Luis Obispo, CA is being interviewed by Michelle M. Winner, The Culinary Traveler and Maralyn D. Hill, The Epicurean Explorer.   Maralyn D. Hill Maralyn D. Hill, The Epicurean Explorer President, International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association Editor-at-Large, CityRoom, Staff, The Epoch Times Contributor: Spa Review Magazine, Global Writes, JustLuxe Columnist: Big Blend Magazines, Blogs: Where and What in the World & Success with...

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CityRoom – Premchit Aromatic Prawns with Mango and Avocado Salad – The Journey Started March 29 2011

This was my first story for City Room and what an interesting route it traveled. See the posts that follow below. This went from a couple of million to 50 million – certainly a “Wow” for me. For journalists, you may not like only getting paid for one placement and seeing a story travel. For me, as long as my byline shows, I love it, and consider it marketing my worth and a bonus for my host. 3-29-11 CityRoom Stories: Beauty | Education | Fashion | Gourmet | Literature | Mythology | Parties | Shopping | Travel |...

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