In honor of Beyoncé’s birthday on September 4th, the Argentta Spa at the Famous Watergate Hotel has a few special offers inspired by Queen Bey. Enjoy a Bey and Jay Couples Massage or bask in a Couture Lemonade Facial, let out your inner Yonce one day a year. Her makeup artist, Sir John, loves to focus on hydration and anti-aging so we thought these would be the perfect match.

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Please see below for some Beyoncé inspired offerings, curated specially for Agentta Spa.


Bey and Jay Couples Massage ($510)

  • Full-body, 90-minute, aromatherapy and back scrub massage
  • Uses a blend of essential oils and purposeful movements to stimulate circulation, promote deep relaxation and restore the flow of energy throughout the body


Couture Lemonade Facial ($320)

  • A luxury cellular treatment designed for anti-aging and complexion enhancement
  • Customized to your skin type and age
  • Complimentary glass of refreshing lemonade


BeyHive Honey Infused Manicures ($55)

  • Smooth, tone and brighten your hands and nails in antioxidant-rich berries, organic mushrooms and pure plant hydrosols
  • A wonderfully restorative ritual for the extremities crafted for an extraordinary healing experience


BeyHive Honey Infused Pedicures ($75)

  • Extraordinarily nourishing treatment delivers a surge of hydration while firming and toning the skin using antioxidant-right arctic berries, white peat enzymes and omegas 3 and 6