The Chocolate Spa in Yucatán

Chocolate is of deep cultural significance in Yucatán, as it originated with the Maya. This indigenous culture believed chocolate to be a gift from the gods, drinking it in religious ceremonies.

Rosas & Xocolate Experience


You can experience chocolate without having to eat it at Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel…

The Chocolate Spa Treatment

Rosas & Xocolate revolves around the history of its town, cacao central in the tradition of pre-Hispanic peoples of Mexico. This is represented in the hotel’s SPA. One of its signature treatments is the Rosas & Xocolate Experience. The guest is completely covered in two thin layers of chocolate and cacao (see below images), combined with different natural ingredients, so the body has a chance to absorb all of the nutrients. Afterwards a steam bath melts the chocolate away/detoxifies, so by the end, the skin is very smooth and has a scent of chocolate.

*Xocolatherapies at Rosas & Xocolate utilize 100% pure cacao.

*For the kids visiting the spa, the “Ritual Rain of Roses” is a delicate knees to feet massage with oils and roses while enjoying a chocolate ice cream.

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