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Libros Para Ninos Logo

MIAMI— This spring, a different kind of art show is taking over Miami. Its profits won’t be consumed by overhead or fat margins. Instead, they’ll underwrite an afterschool art program for children in rural Panama.


Most shows today revolve around the almighty dollar. They render what should be a chance to behold beauty into a soulless transaction. This show — the public debut of the Dori Gilinski Gallery — is aimed squarely at charity and appreciation. Its mission: to spread the uplifting power of paintings and sketches and sculptures to those who might go their entire lives without experiencing an exhibit.


“The time I spent volunteering in Panama forever changed me,” says Dori Gilinski, founder the Dori Gilinski Gallery. “Even as skyscrapers fill the city, children in the countryside go hungry because clean drinking water is so limited. So, when it came to my first public show, it was a no-brainer that I should give back to the place that gave me so much.”


The afterschool program is part of a wider initiative named Libros Para Niños, or Books for Children. A nonprofit that Gilinski originated at Oxford University, Libros places volunteers at schools in struggling communities across Latin America.


“I chose to launch this show in Miami because of the city’s rich cultural diversity,” says Gilinski. “Few places can bring together young talent from Latin America and Europe as gloriously Miami can.”


She continues: “My goal in Miami is to attract newcomers to the art world. I’m less interested in art collectors, gallery goers, and museum visitors — the typical crowd that already frequents art shows — than the guy on the street, who’s always been intrigued by art but never had the courage to embrace it.”


Indeed, the art market today largely overlooks the humanity behind the work. Yet in the right milieu, art becomes what it can and should be: an experience that’s as enriching as it is educational. Only in this milieu — a private space, guided by a patient curator, in the company of the artists themselves — can art transcend its commercial obligations and flourish as art for the sake of art.


About Dori Gilinski


A former private art consultant with degrees from Oxford University and the Courtauld Institute, Dori Gilinski has held private exhibitions in London, New York, Panama City, and Bogota. Miami marks her first show open to the public.


About Libros Para Niños


Libros Para Niños was recently profiled in Cherwell, the independent student newspaper of Oxford University.


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