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Weighted tools offered to the special needs community with unmatched advantages

Weighted tools have recently arrived at Special Needs Essentials’ online store with

unmatched advantages in the competition. They are selected from Covered in Comfort, a

mom owned business created to answer the needs of one child. All products are designed

and assembled in the United States. SNE sells them below the suggested retail price and

offers free shipping, as well as free educational information on their blog. Overall, high product

quality, competitive pricing and involvement in customers’ wellness make SNE’ weighted

tools offer one of the most competitive on the market.

Weighted blankets provide pressure and sensory input, similar to a

hug. They are made of plastic pellets, evenly distributed in a quilted pattern

in order to provide a widespread sensation of pressure. Studies have proven

that the pressure provided by hugs or weighted tools enables the release of

serotonin, a hormone that calms and relaxes the body. It also stimulates

oxytocin, a hormone that promotes feeling of contentment and willingness of

social bonding, among others.

This sensation is particularly valuable for individuals affected by

autism and other sensory seeking individuals. They can use weighted

blankets as a calming tool or simply as a regular blanket at night. During the

day, weighted tools can be used to fix anxiety, anger or just for comfort. Users

can sit and wrap themselves in the blanket or lay down with it from minutes

to hours, as long as they feel the benefits. At night, weighted blankets can

help them go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

SNE’s blankets are washable and made with non-toxic materials,

unlike most products on the market. As for the color, solid blue

provides a calming effect. SNE’s blankets have the ability to be warmed

in the dryer or cooled in the freezer, thus providing the additional benefit

of adjustable temperature. Fringes provide extra sensory input, enabling

the person to play with them while calming down. Various sizes exist, the

suggested blanket weight being 10% of the user’s weight plus 1 lb.


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To learn more about the new selection or the company in general, contact Deborah Grauzam at dgrauzam@specialneedsessentials.com, visit the website at www.specialneedsessentials.com or the Facebook page at



Special Needs Essentials is an online store dedicated to offering essential materials that can

enhance the quality of life for people with special needs, their families, and the professionals

caring for them. SNE specializes in educational, therapeutic, play to learn, living aids, and

sensory products. The company’s ultimate purpose is to promote awareness and facilitate support of the special needs community.




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