A 600 acre estate with 2 beaches, Jade Mountain is an architectural marvel celebrating Saint Lucia’s stunning beauty.
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A 600 acre estate with 2 beaches, Jade Mountain is an architectural marvel celebrating Saint Lucia’s stunning beauty.

Soufriere, St. Lucia, May 29, 2014 – Stays at Jade Mountain Resort, Saint Lucia, are becoming sweeter. Guests are invited to make their own chocolate in the brand-new chocolate laboratory. Jade Mountain is not only one of Saint Lucia’s most scenic resorts, it is also the island’s only bean to bar, organic, single estate boutique chocolate maker. There are over 1000 cocoa trees on the resort estates, including the organic farm Emerald’s in the Soufriere Hills. For the past three years, Jade Mountain has hand-crafted Emerald Estate Chocolate for the enjoyment of their guests and with the opening of its chocolate laboratory. Guests are now able to not only taste but participate in the making of the chocolate.

Resort guests staying at Jade Mountain and at the adjoining sister property Anse Chastanet (both named one the world’s top Caribbean hotels by Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure) can now choose from a variety of chocolate infused activities like chocolate sensory tastings, educational estate trips and truffle making classes. Chocolate lovers will be further enticed by chocolate inspired dishes, cocktails and body treatments in the resort restaurants, bars and spa. And for the ultimate chocolate fest, visit Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet during their annual Discover Chocolate Festival from October 10-14, 2014.

Here are a few sweet examples of the chocolate experience:

Chocolate Sensory Tasting: A journey through the palate of cocoa and chocolate. First taste the cocoa bean and end the tasting with the strongest type of cocoa mass while sampling all steps in between. As a culmination of the sensory tasting session, guests get to sample some homemade truffles and a variety of Emerald Estate Organic Chocolate bars. Tuesday from 10:00 – 10:30 am in the Emerald Restaurant (offered complimentary to resort guests).

Discover Chocolate: Taking the Chocolate Sensory Tasting a step further, guests participate in the actual making of chocolate in the Chocolate Lab. Learn the basic techniques of making chocolate, tempering chocolate, creating their own fudge and making a personalized chocolate bar. Tuesday from 10:30 – 11:30 am in the Chocolate Lab. $45 per person; Minimum 2, maximum 6 persons per session.

The Emerald Estate Tree to Bar Tour: Guests will visit the Emerald Estate for a Cocoa Tour to experience the cycle of “Tree to Bar” production, learning about the history of chocolate in the Caribbean and the production process. At Emerald Estate, guests will witness the natural side of cocoa while discussing the fermentation, sun drying and polishing of the beans. Then they will return to the Chocolate Lab, where the host will elaborate on the technical part of making the perfect chocolate bar. Along the way, guests will enjoy an invigorating cup of local cocoa tea and the Emerald Estate’s organic chocolate bars that range from 60%, 70% and 92% bittersweet. Guests will receive a bar of Emerald Estate Organic Chocolate as the farewell souvenir to take home. Monday from 9:00 – 11:00 am, $75 per person.

In close collaboration with the resorts’ Consulting Chef Allen Susser, Jade Mountain’s Emerald Estate Organic Chocolate and Chocolate Laboratory are managed by the resorts’ very own Chocolate Alchemist and Director of Pastry Wouter Tjeertes. Born in The Netherlands, he knew he wanted to be a Pastry Chef from a young age and worked his way up through several highly recognized pastry shops and hotels in Europe and the Caribbean. Along the way, he developed a strong passion for cocoa and chocolate which led to a deep-rooted love affair with the Caribbean.

More Chocolate Packages: Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet offer several chocolate packages throughout the summer:
Chocolate Alchemy at Jade Mountain www.jademountainstlucia.com/promotions.html#chocolatealchemy
Dan Dous: www.ansechastanet.com/promotions.html#dandous

Tranquility, Romance, Adventure: Anse Chastanet is one of the Caribbean’s most panoramic resort hideaways. Nestled amidst a 600 acre estate with two soft sand beaches bordering pristine coral reefs, Anse Chastanet offers excellent diving facilities and soft adventure activities.

Rising majestically above the sister property Anse Chastanet’s 600 acre estate with 2 beaches, Jade Mountain is an architectural marvel celebrating Saint Lucia’s stunning beauty. The 24 open-walled sanctuaries are sweeping spaces each with an extravagantly sized private infinity pool floating out into nature and amazing views.

Visit www.ansechastanet.com, www.jademountain.com
Email: jademountain@ansechastanet.com or call 800-223-1108 or 758-459-7000

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