When I agreed to be interviewed, I had no idea it would be such a lovely piece. I can’t say I can do it all, but I can say I sure try to do as much as possible ~MDH


Maralyn Dennis Hill, executive editor of Luxe Beat Magazine and known as The Epicurean Explorer was born to travel and tell the tale. From local cuisine to Michelin Star, simple to gourmet, Maralyn enjoys it all.

Maralyn D. Hill has enjoyed many careers during her life that lead back to exploring different cultures and travel. She views difficult situations as opportunities and challenges. Maralyn always finds herself coaching others to help them achieve their goals. She treasures her husband, children and extended family. Maralyn says any lack of patience on her part she is directed at those who are not willing to help themselves. Self motivated and always moving ahead, Maralyn is looking forward to being Executive Editor of Luxe Beat Magazine, launching in November 2013.

We were lucky enough to interview her and ask her a few general questions about the feature aspects of her career, her websites, and any new things she is working on. Here is what she had to say:

“My background is quite varied. I built an advertising and marketing business which I then sold in 1990. I earned my Masters degree, continued consulting and writing incentive programs, and then wrote my first book. After my book a TV show was next along with writing a column for four years. I am now a full time writer and editor, food judge, speaker, etc.” 

“As for LuxebeatMag.com, we are putting an advertising package together that should be ready next week. The magazine’s focus is luxury, but highlights the history, food and culture of a region, as well as wellness because it plays into the current interests of today’s traveler.”

Maralyn also uses spas worldwide and thoroughly believes in the wellness aspect. She’s covered and written about week and two week programs at spas where she speaks and also writes about the experiences.

To quote the author, “

I’ve written incentive programs, mission statements, and coached individuals on writing and marketing their successful projects. That is why I enjoy serving on the boards of Curran Pendleton Press and Stella Jane Marketing. I also thrive on traveling, exploring and writing with my husband.”

Epicurean comes from Epicureanism, a philosophy originated by Epicurus who believed that individual happiness to be the sole of chief good in life. Maralyn is a woman who’s dabbled in a lot. This is a woman who’s doing what shes loves by simply doing it all.

We’d like to thank Maralyn for taking time to answer some of our questions. And we really enjoyed learning about her careers and her future endeavors.

You can visit her website at: http://www.theepicureanexplorer.com/

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