Two-Michelin star Ming Court Launches New Wellness Menu


24 September 2013


Elevating culinary experiences for the health-conscious diner, the city’s adored two-Michelin star Cantonese restaurant, Ming Court, at Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong, has teamed up with Dr Gladys Leung, Langham Hospitality Group’s global Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultant for Chuan Spa, to launch a new Wellness Menu, featuring nourishing and healthy delicacies using premium Chinese herbs and fine ingredients.


Staying true to Chuan Spa’s ‘Wu Xing’ (Five Elements) and TCM-focused philosophy that each element represents a part of the body, Ming Court’s Wellness Menu and wellness soups use ingredients beneficial to a particular part of the body in order to restore elemental harmony and enhance the performance of that organ.  Ming Court’s Executive Chef, Mango Tsang Chiu Lit has collaborated  with Dr Leung to create a series of beneficial line-up of dishes including Eel, Chinese Angelica, Grilled, enhancing the flow of Qi and blood circulation, and Scallop, Black Truffle, Shingled Hedgehog Mushroom, Egg White, Stir-Fried, helping to combat ageing and strengthen the immune system.  Also from the menu is Whole Superior Pigeon, Wolfberry, Lily Bulb, made to improve vision and nourish the liver and kidney.


Chef Mango says, “I am delighted to join forces with Dr Gladys Leung and present our new Wellness Menu. Over the years, Ming Court has created innovative and unparalleled dishes for guests. We hope this partnership brings a unique Michelin dining experience to our regular and new patrons. Traditionally, ‘Wu Xing’ has been one of the most important pillars of the concept of TCM. Each of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) affects different parts of our body. By incorporating the concept of ‘Wu Xing’ to Cantonese cuisine, guests will be taken on an exclusive and nutritious gourmet journey”.


“As the Group’s worldwide TCM consultant, I have been working closely with Langham Hospitality Group’s Chuan Spas around the world, aiming to promote and introduce the essence of TCM internationally”, says Dr Gladys Leung. “By marrying the concept of TCM and Michelin fine dining, my alliance with Ming Court and Chef Mango will ensure guests further comprehend the benefits of TCM concepts in our daily lives.”


Over the years, Chuan Spa has been dedicated to offer holistic TCM-inspired spa experiences to guests. In launching the Wellness Menu, Ming Court is offering guests of the first 15 tables to order from the Wellness Menu, a complimentary 30-minute Chuan Heavenly Jing Luo Foot Treatment, designed by Dr Gladys Leung.


To dine at Ming Court and taste dishes from the Wellness Menu, call (852) 3552 3300 or The Wellness Menu will be available from now onwards for lunch between 11:00am – 2:30pm, and dinner between 6:00pm – 10:30pm.


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Appendix – Wellness Menu

Five Element Wellness Soup  Health Benefits
Wood –Fish Head, Gastrodia, Chrysanthemum, Chinese WineHK$128 per person Promotes Qi and blood circulation;Strengthens stomach;Nourishes blood
Fire –Ginseng, Matsutake, Bamboo Pith, Yunnan Ham, Pork ShankHK$138 per person Enhances Qi of heart;Promotes production of body fluid;Soothing and calming;Rejuvenating and anti-ageing 
Earth –Lotus Seed, Chinese Yam, Red Date, Barley, Pork ShankHK$128 per person Strengthens spleen and digestive system;Nourishes skin;Strengthens stomach and invigorate kidney;Rejuvenating 
Metal –Fish Maw, Snow Fungus, Whole Aged Pigeon, Lily Bulb, GingerHK$138 per person Nourishing without creating heat;Nourishes lung and stomach;Soothing and calming;Beneficial for women 


Water –Morinda Root, Chinese Gutta Percha, Silkie, Wolfberry, Dried Longan, DateHK$138 per person Strengthens kidney and promote ‘Yang Qi’;Nourishes spleen and heart;Strengthens bones and tendons;Invigorates blood and Qi


 Wellness Appetiser   Health Benefits
Eel, Chinese Angelica, GrilledHK$188 Replenishes Qi;Nourishes blood;Strengthens liver and kidney
Chinese Black Fungus, Cucumber, Vinegar, ChilledHK$98 Anti-fatigue;Detoxifying;Releases blood stasis
Black Truffle, Cordyceps Flower, Roast Duck, ShreddedHK$128 Anti-fatigue, combats exhaustion;Improves immune system;Anti-ageing


Wellness Main  Health Benefits
Whole Superior Pigeon, Wolfberry, Lily BulbHK$268 Nourishes liver and kidney;Enriches blood and strengthens stomach;Improves vision and clears heat within body
Japanese Kurobuta Pork Rib Eye, Common Yam, Great BurdockHK$238 Nourishes spleen and kidney;Detoxifying;Improves skin quality and minimises blemishes
Scallop, Black Truffle, Shingled Hedgehog Mushroom, Egg White, Stir-FriedHK$268 Invigorates Qi and nourishes blood;Anti-ageing and anti-fatigue;Improves immune system


Five Element Wellness Desserts  Health Benefits
Wood –Glutinous Rice Dumpling, Green BeanHK$48 Clears heat within body;Detoxifying;Nourishes Qi
Fire –Snow Lotus, Red Date PuddingHK$48 Replenishes blood and nourishes heart;Improves skin quality;Soothing and calming
Earth –Black Eyed Pea, Ginger PuddingHK$48 Warms stomach;Nourishes liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney
Metal –Snow Fungus, Fox Nut, Coco de MerHK$48 Nourishes lung;Strengthens spleen;Improves skin quality;Beneficial for women 
Water –Snow Lotus, Chinese Taxillus, Black Fungus SoupHK$48 Nourishes liver and kidney;Strengthens bones, tendons and joints;Replenishes bloodImproves skin quality
 Five Element Wellness Dessert PlatterHK$88 per person










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