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(Bangkok, 16 May 2013) – Secret Retreats (, the bespoke collective of independent luxury boutique hotels, boats and camps across Asia, is extending its property portfolio to include four new hideaway retreats located in Thailand, India and China.


Established in 2012, Secret Retreats continues to grow with its property portfolio and now contains 35 luxurious resorts situated across the Asian continent. The four new properties each share the philosophy of Secret Retreats, surpassing expectations with their common individuality, tranquil ambience, authentic experience, fine gastronomy and tailor made, personal service. Offering guests an exclusive escape from the chaotic moments of everyday life, Secret Retreats represents a sanctuary of inner peace and wellbeing creating unforgettable experiences.


Stéphane Junca, Managing Director of Secret Retreats said, “Secret Retreats’ mission is to identify these little gems, peppered all around Asia and help them to shine, to give the best experiences they can offer using their local knowledge, understanding of local cultures and traditions, integration to the local community and environment, based on a natural generosity and pleasure to share quite unique to Asian hospitality.”


The Scent, Thailand 

The Scent located in Koh Samui, Thailand, is a 13 bedroom luxury boutique hotel situated on the tropical Bophut Beach, north of the island. Each bedroom has been beautifully designed in three different styles, (‘European’, ‘Chinese’ and ‘Local’) bringing a sense of comfort to guests travelling from across the globe. As host to the luxury Hhomm Spa and Jaroen restaurant, The Scent offers ultimate relaxation and culinary cuisine for an authentic experience.




Anopura, Jaipur, India

Renowned for the being the smallest, yet most luxurious hotel in the world, Anopura boasts two luxurious suites and one breathtaking tent for guests to stay in, each designed with authentic décor and breathtaking panoramic views. With a pool and numerous activities on offer, guests are never at a loss. The restaurant, headed by Anopura’s resident chef, Chotu, provides guests with a taste of authenticity through the creation of original Rajasthani and Western dishes.



Talabgaon Castle, Jaipur, India

Talabgaon Castle, now a beautifully restored heritage site, is best known for having its own polo field and stables, where guests can enjoy polo lessons and stick and ball game or two. Guests have the choice of participating in authentic Rajasthani cooking classes, numerous sporting activities including badminton and croquet or simply relax with a leisurely walk in the beautifully manicured gardens or the farms within the surrounding villages.

Qing Wang Fu, Tianjin, China

A luxury resort located in the original Cambridge Street of the former British Concession of Tianjin, Qing Wang Fu is host to 17 plush suites. Representing both Chinese and Western artistic tastes, the historic house is complete with granitic walls, azure stone rails, traditional Chinese flower-and-bird patterns and Belgian craftwork instilled on the window panes. Offering 18 private dining rooms and a roof top terrace, this hotel is perfect for all occasions. As well as preparing food for individual parties, culinary master Chief Tang will prepare a range of authentic Cantonese cuisines allowing guests to experience the true taste of China.




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