Since I was interviewed for this book and pleased to see the five pages in total, I have a dual purpose in publishing the press release. With that being said, Publish Your Lunch by Michael and Patty Hultquist covers a topic that interests many and covers it well. ~MDH


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Passionate Foodies Turn to Food Blogging as a Way to Quit Their Day Jobs

It wasn’t all that long ago when the term “blogger” was met with sympathetic chuckles and even derision, but blogging has truly come into its own. The technology of publishing has allowed anyone with passion for a particular subject to get their message into the world. One particularly popular subject is Food.

Collectively, the voice of the world’s “foodies” is louder than any other topic. Their passion for food and drink is unrivaled, and it is starting to show. What used to be a loose collection of random blogs with home recipes and bad photos has grown into a viable business. Food bloggers who have taken the time to learn new skills – food photography, food writing, marketing and social media, brand building and more – have risen like cream to the top of the milk jug.

These top level food bloggers are no longer hobbyists. They’re blogging about food and earning a living doing it. Food blogging has become an industry of its own, evidenced by the numerous food blogs out there on the web. But not all of them earn money.

Michael Hultquist, a screenwriter and chili pepper fanatic who operates the popular site/blog, Chili Pepper Madness ( with his wife, says it takes more than a passion for food to make money as a food blogger.

“Passion for food is essential,” he said, “but you also need to look at your food blog or foodie site more like a business. The passion brought you here, but earning money forces you to step back and look at it differently. Like any business, you need to ask – Who are your customers/visitors? What types of products and services are they looking to buy?”

Not all food bloggers are making a full-time living, but many are supplementing their incomes, which is a great way to alleviate financial burden while working from home.

For his recently published book, “Publish Your Lunch: How to Earn Money Food Blogging” (co-authored with Patty Hultquist), Michael interviewed a number of successful food bloggers.

“Most of the bloggers I interviewed used their food blog or site as side business,” he said. “Many were using their blogs to support their current business, or publishing part time. It is interesting to see the different ways people are earning money from their food sites and blogs. My wife and I do not operate our sites full time, as we have multiple passions, but we could live on the earnings from our sites alone.”

Michael and Patty Hultquist operate Quist Interactive, Inc, a web site development company focusing on web services for businesses of all sizes. Patty is the techie and photographer, and Mike is the cook, writer and artist. They have combined their experience to operate a number of successful foodie sites, and have written several cookbooks as well. Mike is the screenwriter of “Victim” and “Arena” (starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kellan Lutz). He is also a member of the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA). Their latest book, “Publish Your Lunch: How to Earn Money Food Blogging” is available at and in ebook form.


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