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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?In the case of holiday destinations, the answer is simple: 


Some might think that characters like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Little Red Riding Hood were invented by Walt Disney – but no! They were first brought to life 200 years ago by the famousBrothers Grimm, who were born in Hanau, a little pearl in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region in the heart of Germany. 2013 marks the 200th anniversary of the publishing of their first volume of “Children’s and Household Tales”, and brings with it various events that celebrate the work and life of the Brothers Grimm. Upon visiting the region, its connection to the fairy tales becomes immediately clear – not only because of the many anniversary events, but also because of the fairy tale-like landscape, castles, and an unmistakably magical atmosphere. The region offers cultural, historical, and culinary delights, and is home to vibrant cities like FrankfurtWiesbaden,Aschaffenburg or Mainz, and traditional villages like SeligenstadtBad Homburg or Rüdesheim. This is one region that can enchant visitors without the help of a magic potion!

Brothers Grimm Anniversary 2013
Once upon a time, two boys by the name of Grimm were born inHanau, and would one day become very famous. Hanau remembers their sons, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, with two fantastic guided tours that explore the various local sites connected to their history. Hanau is where the rivers Main and Kinzig meet, inviting visitors to enjoy some absolutely amazing scenery. At the market square, in front of the Baroque Neustädter Rathaus (town hall), stands the impressive Brothers Grimm memorial, which commemorates the famous sons of Hanau and marks the starting point of the 373 mile-long Fairy Tale Route.  
  For almost 30 years, the Brothers Grimm lived in Kassel, which now plays host to the highlight of the Grimm 2013 Anniversary – the “EXPEDITION GRIMM” exhibition, located in the documenta-Halle and sponsored by the State of Hessen. From April 27th until September 8th, some of the brother’s most precious manuscripts and personal mementos will be on display. This unique exhibition also sheds new light onto who the Brothers Grimm really were: far from being mere fairy tale collectors, they were also language scholars, legal historians, and politicians.

Event Highlights:

Grimm Fairy Tale festival, Hanau (from May 1st – July 1st)
Brothers Grimm Museum in the Castle Bellevue, Kassel
Brothers Grimm Festival, Kassel (from July 18th – August 18th)

From Apple Wine and Bavarian Beer to Imposing Architecture
Traces of the Brothers Grimm can also be found in Frankfurt, where they were politically active. Today, the city offers whatever the heart desires: delicious apple wine and great food, a row of unique and culturally significant museums along the romantic banks of the river Main, and the most impressive skyline in Germany. In the city of Aschaffenburg, situated on the Bavarian side of the region, guests can enjoy not only traditional, Bavarian beer, but also interesting events and locations all year long. For example, the Pompejanum, an idealized replica of a Roman villa from Pompeii, is nothing you would expect to find in Germany and truly unique. The city of Seligenstadt has a lovely historic old town with many carefully restored half-timbered houses and impressive architectural monuments, like the Einhardbasilika. In Darmstadt, you can find lovely specimens of Art Nouveau architecture left over from the city’s role as the center of this famous German artistic movement. The former artist colony, Mathildenhöhe, is a must-see for anyone interested in culture and architecture.
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Fairy Tale Castles along the Rhine and Main Rivers
The region was once a patchwork of small, independent states and territories – that’s the reason why there are so manystrongholds, castles, and residences decorating the banks of the rivers today. Nowadays, they are not only a feast for the eyes, but are often home to fantastic restaurants in which guests can feast upon delicious local foods and wines.
In Bingen, for example, well-known for the Mäuseturm (Mice Tower) that stands in the middle of the river Rhine, guests can visit the Klopp stronghold and enjoy a fabulous view of the UNESCO World Heritage site “Upper Middle Rhine Valley”. Because one cannot survive on romance alone, there is also a restaurant where guests can eat and drink like a king.
One of the most significant Renaissance castles in Germany, theJohannisburg Castle, with its front of bright red sandstone, is the landmark of the city of Aschaffenburg, and a spectacular sight along the shores of the river Main. There is no better place for seeing breathtaking, historical castles than right here in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region!

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Sports, Spa, Spectacular!
Sport enthusiasts and recreation seekers visiting Germany will find themselves in their element. Whether hiking through the beautiful Hochtaunus or Rheingau, golfing at one of the picturesque courses, like the one in Bad Homburg, Germany’s first golf course, canoeing or sailing on the Main or Rhine rivers, or biking one of the many cycling paths, like the Volcano Biking Trail, one thing remains certain: the possibilities to explore the region and enjoy a panorama view are practically endless. The region also has many renowned spa townsWiesbaden is one of the most famous of the many health resorts thanks to its 26 hot springs and long spa tradition, which can be enjoyed at different thermal spas, such as the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme andAukammtal thermal baths. Visitors can also recharge their batteries in Bad Nauheim, Elvis Presley’s German “hometown”, which is home of some of Germany’s loveliest spa facilities. Combine the trip to Germany with pure relaxation and enjoy the variety of spas in the region.

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NEW: Highlights 2013 Brochure
In 2013, there are not only many interesting highlights connected to the Brothers Grimm Anniversary, but also many other events, from exhibitions, concerts, and folk fairs to markets and festivals.
Some of the highlights in the first half of 2013 include:

– Rheingau Gourmet Festival (February 21st – March 6th)
– Art Views 2013 in Offenbach (April 24th – 28th)
– Darmstadt Art Nouveau Festival (May 24th – 26th)
– Skyscraper Festival in Frankfurt (May 25th – 26th)
– International Jazz Festival “Bingen swings” (June 28th – 30th)

Further events are listed in the new Highlights 2013 Brochure 

Tour Ideas
Due to its superb transportation infrastructure, the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region is also a prime destination for short stays or to make use of the time between flights. To inspire you in your search for a good travel story, we have developed a set of tour suggestions for a stay in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region.
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