Finland is a beautiful tourist destination which offers stunning countryside as well as a vibrant city culture. Sandwiched between Sweden in the West and Russia in the East, the influence of both cultures is noticeable on a daily basis. The standard of living in Finland is high, and both economy and technology are well advanced. It would be best to find discounted flights when you visit here with your loved ones.

The Scandinavian country which is part of the European Union, with the Euro as currency, is ideal for holiday makers who love the great outdoors. Vast parts of the country are covered by forests; and Finland has more islands off its Southern coast than any other country in the world. Thousands of lakes and long sandy beaches make Finland the perfect destination for water sports and relaxation. In the winter, skiing, tobogganing and sledging are wildly available sports, in particular in the north of the country which is also home to Finland’s best known resident – Santa Clause.

Several budget airlines fly regularly to Helsinki, the Finnish capital. Once in the country, one of the easiest way of travelling is by hire car as traffic jams are unknown in Finland and costs, if divided between several travellers, are reasonable. However, those looking for a perfect holiday on a budget, can also get around by rail as Finland has an extensive, efficient and reliable network. Discount travel is available through InterRail and EuroRail passes. Another alternative are buses which operate on 90% of Finland’s public roads. However, it might prove difficult to access smaller villages by bus, as some routes are operated infrequently.

Ferries link many of the islands, and cruises on Finland’s extensive network of lakes are a popular and relaxing way to take in the scenery.

Budget travellers might wish to stay at camp sites, but youth hostels also offer varied and reasonable accommodation across the country, although not always all year round. Cabins are ideal for relaxed family holidays. Many cabin owners allow the use of their boats and equipment like fishing rods and skis free of charge. There is no need to bring bed linen and towels as they are available from the owners for a small fee.

A number of travel websites offer cheap flights and hotel packages for Finland which brings this northern country in line with other budget holiday countries like Majora, Tunisia and Turkey.

Any tourist who has fallen in love with Finland so much they want to make it a regular destination, might consider buying a property in the country. Unless they wish to acquire a property in the Province of Aland, an archipelago, where it is necessary to apply for a permit, foreigners are treated the same as Finns when it comes to buying property.
Once buyer and seller have come to an agreement, it is possible to complete all procedures needed to register a property in Finland within two weeks.

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Since Finland is on my list of places to visit, this article by Jowar Billanes makes it more exciting and desirable. I hope to visit soon. ~MDH


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