Halifax, N.S. – Chef Bryan Picard of Chanterelle Country Inn in Cape Breton took home first prize with his “Honey Pork Tenderloin” at the fourth annual Taste of Nova Scotia Cutting Edge Culinary Competition. Chef Picard was one of ten Taste of Nova Scotia chefs that faced-off on the Saltscapes culinary stage for a black box competition on April 27 to 29, 2012.


“What a great opportunity to put my skills to the test…I tried to keep things simple, stay focused on the ingredients, and make the most out of them,” says Picard. “A lot of care goes into cultivating Taste of Nova Scotia products, so I wanted to make sure I did them justice. I think it turned out pretty well.”


Chef Picard, like all the competing chefs, was given 45 minutes to create plates for three judges using his black box of Taste of Nova Scotia ingredients. Picard’s mystery items included pork tenderloin from Meadowbrook Meat Market, Sonya apples from Scotian Gold, quark from Fox Hill Cheese House and honey from Cornect Family Farm.


Working with his volunteer sous-chef from the audience, Picard’s final creation was Honey Pork Tenderloin with Apple-Fennel Slaw, Greens, Quark Cheese Vinaigrette and Red Wine Onion Confit.


This will be Picard’s first season at Chanterelle Country Inn. After several years working in Montreal, he recently moved to Cape Breton Island to fulfill his dream of dishing up local, homegrown, and wild food.

“My recent move to Nova Scotia has changed my life so much for the better…I’m constantly learning more about food, how it’s grown, where it’s sourced, and what gives it the most flavour,” says Picard. “Now I have access to some of the best-tasting meat, veg, and seafood, much of it sourced a stone’s throw from the Chanterelle Inn.” 


Dueling chefs over the three days of Saltscapes included Bryan Picard (Chanterelle Country Inn & Cottages), Les Stevens (Harbour City Bar and Grill, Delta Halifax), Terry Vassallo (Trattoria della Nonna), Jamie Mullett (Delta Hotels), Roger Joharchy (Inn on the Lake), Chef Dale Nichols (Digby Pines), Martin Ruiz Salvador (Fleur de Sel), Alan Crosby (White Point Beach Resort), Courtney MacDonald (Pictou Lodge) and Shelley Steventon (Old Fish Factory).
Final scores for the competition were compiled based on a combination of the judges’ marks and votes from the audience. For more information about The Cutting Edge, Taste of Nova Scotia and its members visit




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Taste of Nova Scotia is a unique, province-wide marketing program, whose members are committed to offering the very best culinary experiences and products that Nova Scotia has to offer. The Taste of Nova Scotia membership base includes more than 140 quality food producers and processors, as well as a collection of the best restaurants in the province.



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