Maralyn Dennis Hill, born in Chicago, Illinois, graduated from Glenbard High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Maralyn attended Blackburn College from 1958-60 as an art major. She picked up additional classes at various institutions and received her Masters Degree in Organizational Development from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in 1990.

While at Blackburn, she lived at Stoddard Hall. Her freshman year, she worked for Dean Halpert and her sophomore year for Shirley Cherry. Maralyn credits Blackburn with helping to nurture her independent spirit.

Maralyn left to be a stewardess for American Airlines and then built an advertising and marketing company where half of her clients were in the hospitality industry. She sold this in 1990 after receiving five international awards, while continuing to consult and write travel incentive programs.

Maralyn met her actuary and writer husband, Norman, on a bus out of NYC. With their marriage in 1990, he got son, daughter, and granddaughter.

She has co-authored three books and knows there will be more in her future.

Indeed, Maralyn continues her life with trains, planes and automobiles. In 2009, she was elected president of the

International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association. She continues to travel, write, speak and food judge, in addition to freelance writing and being editor-at-large for CityRoom, Inc.

There is no retirement in Maralyn’s future as she was born to travel and tell the tale.